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Check here for news, reviews and things you can do to help insure that a proper memorial is built. (Have a link to post? Send it to: Contrarians welcome.)


For general updates, visit my Error Theory blog.


An appeal for America's churches to witness the truth about the Flight 93 memorial.



Bill Steiner has put together a petition that is now circulating in Western Pennsylvania. I also put up an electronic petition, and made some flyer-petition combinations. See petition page for details.

Anyone can print them out the paper petition, collect signatures, and snail mail them to Bill (instructions on petition) for delivery to the Memorial Project meeting in early May, 2008. If you don't make that deadline, don't worry, we all will be delivered to subsequent public meetings, and to Congress. Keep sending until the crescent design is stopped!


Tom Burnett Sr. is urging people to contact their Senators and Representatives,  asking for a Congressional investigation into the extensive Islamic symbolism in the planned Flight 93 Memorial.

On the publicity front, small talk-radio stations are the one media arm that has started picking up on the release of my Crescent of Betrayal book. See Audio-Video page for links to interviews.



Cao, of Cao's Blog, is organizing weekly blogbursts, where all the participating bloggers post about the crescent mosque every Wednesday. Participants can write their own posts, or they can put up the model post that Cao and I put together and send out each week.

Email Cao if you want to join up. She has lots of cool logos you can add to your sidebar:

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And a special blogburst blogroll script that automatically updates with links to the participating bloggers:

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Other Blog Links

Thanks to all those who have helped expose Murdoch's mosque. Here are some who have linked since the design won final approval in July 07:

Ace of Spades: Crescent of Betrayal, Again.

Discarded Lies: Flight 93 Memorial - call to prayer sundial?

Moonbattery: Flight 93 Memorial to commemorate terrorists, not Americans.

Flanders Fields: Honor to Islamists and terrorists?

Doug Hagmann, Northeast Security Network: "Something's Wrong:" A memorial to 9/11 hijackers in the U.S.

Flopping Aces: Crescent of Betrayal almost complete

Die Schreiben von Schreiber: Flight 93

Gateway Pundit: Pennsylvania 9-11 memorial still honors hijackers

Jules Crittenden: Do the math

Hyscience: Flight 93 Update: Memorial 'Memorializes' Faith Of Victims' Killers

Atlas Shrugs: 9/11 Flight 93 Memorial: Tribute to Islam

Hot Air: Tom Burnett’s father asks for son’s name to be removed from “Islamic” Flight 93 memorial

Dhimmi Watch: Tom Burnett Sr. denounces Flight 93 Memorial, calls for Congressional investigation


I will post other links as they appear.


Ad buys

The other thing I am trying to rustle up right now is some people who have deep pockets to place ads exposing what is in the crescent design. Check the downloadable ad copy page. You can coordinate with me about where to place ads, or proceed on your own.

If you would like to expose what is in the planned Flight 93 Memorial but don't have the big bucks for an ad buy, there are also downloadable flyers and posters that you can print out and post.

You can also make a donation to the tip jar, which I will use to pay for the couple thousand dollars worth of ads I have already bought myself, and to buy more ads:



Latest ad copy

At the beginning of August I placed a half page color ad in the Somerset Daily American urging local western Pennsylvania readers to ask the editors of the Daily American and the Johnstown Tribune Democrat to fact check my many explosive claims and accusations. If I am telling the truth, then many members of the Somerset based Memorial Project are privately making excuses for the Mecca orientation of the giant crescent and other untoward features I have pointed out, while telling the public that my claims are false. By lying to the public, they are helping architect Paul Murdoch stab a terrorist memorial mosque into the heartland of America.

If I am not telling the truth then I need to be exposed as a despicable fraud who ought to be  shamed out of public life. Either way, the truth needs to be exposed here. The most involved local newspapers need to step up and do their jobs, and there is no reason that this request should be limited to local readers. Feel free to email:

Chip Minemyer, editor of the Johnstown Tribune Democrat.

Brian Whipkey, editor of the Somerset Daily American.

Frank Craig, editor of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.



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