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Tom Burnett Sr. and Alec Rawls on national television!

Radio interviews below


YouTube video series: The Flight 93 memorial is a terrorist memorial mosque

Part 1:  It points to Mecca

Synopsis: Video begins with Tom Burnett Senior's appeal to the American people to please help stop the Park Service from planting a giant Islamic shaped crescent atop his son's grave. The half-mile wide crescent, originally named the Crescent of Embrace, points almost exactly to Mecca. That makes it a mihrab, the Mecca-direction indicator around which every mosque is built. (Some mihrabs are pointed arch shape, but the archetypical mihrab is crescent shaped.)

A second typical mosque feature is the 93 foot tall Tower of Voices, which as Mr. Burnett notes: Looks like a minaret, and has a crescent on top. These and a host of other Islamic and terrorist memorializing features all remain completely intact in the so-called redesign.

The design is called the Circle of Embrace now, but according to the Park Service's own website the circle is still broken, and in the exact same places as before. The unbroken part of the circle, what symbolically remains standing in the wake of 9/11, is still a giant Islamic shaped crescent, still pointing to Mecca.

Part 2:  The 44 blocks

Video shows the 44 inscribed translucent memorial blocks that will be emplaced along the flight path, equaling the number of passengers, crew, AND TERRORISTS.

Three of the extra glass blocks are inscribed with the 9/11 date. These are set in a separate section of Memorial Wall that is centered on the bisector of the giant Crescent of Embrace. That is the exact position of the star on an Islamic crescent and star flag. Thus THE DATE GOES TO THE TERRORISTS.

The 44th block sits at the upper crescent tip, where the terrorists are depicted as symbolically breaking our peaceful circle and turning it into the giant Mecca-oriented crescent.

Part 3:  1 in 131 billion

Repeated Mecca orientations prove intent

Part 4:  Shameless cover-up

Video shows Memorial Project partner Patrick White denouncing critics for showing the Memorial Project's own rendering of the Islamic shaped crescent that sits atop the 93 foot tall Tower of Voices. Outside the courtroom the Memorial Project had this same graphic on display. It is the approved design that White and others are insisting be built as is. Don't look at it though, or Patrick White will cry foul.

Ultimately I plan to extend this video series to about a dozen 10 minute segments. Will post them as I can get them completed. (Making videos is a lot of work!)


Audio (radio)

Talk radio has been the first arm of the alternate media to pick up on the Crescent of Betrayal book release and the explosive events of this year. Here are links to some of my interviews. I will post more as they come in.

Tom Bauerle of WBEN radio in Buffalo New York interviewed me for an hour on July 30th, 2007.

Derek Gilbert of Columbia Missouri's Eagle 93.9 had me on for an hour on July 31st.

Todd Hickman of KLVI 560AM in Beaumont Texas interviewed me for an hour on August 1st. (I call in a couple of minutes late, but Hickman does a good job of using the time to set up the interview.)

My first interview was on The Power Hour with Joyce and Dave (a Christian talk show) on July 23rd. The first half hour with Joyce was quite productive. Dave came on for the second half hour and the interview took a most unexpected turn. I did not know that there is a conservative Christian wing of the "9/11 truth" movement. Turns out Dave is a ringleader. He thinks that Flight 93 was not hijacked, that the Trade Towers were brought down by explosives set by the Bush administration, and all the other crazy "truther" nonsense. I was glad to have a chance to talk back to a truther, and it makes for fun radio. Available both as streaming audio and as a podcast. Interview begins at 9:50.

My second interview was an hour-long discussion with Doug Hagmann, who directs the Northeast Intelligence Network. The audio is posted on Hagmann's page at Lan Lamphere's Patriot Brigade talk radio network. Look for July 27th, 2007. The audio files seem to require Real Player, which I don't have, so I haven't listened to it yet, but I felt that the interview went very well. Doug is knowledgeable, and even contacted a professor at Penn to review my analyses (confirming that they are sound).

In mid-August Tom Burnett Sr. and I appeared separately on the Fred Honzberger Show out of Pittsburgh. Tom was on for a short interview on the 20th. Very powerful. I was on for 45 minutes on the 22nd: "Critic of Flight 93 Memorial design."

Nice 40 minute interview on September 5th with Robert Henson and John Aberle for Philadelphia's Big Show on WCOJ.

Tom Burnett Sr. went back on the Fred Honzberger Show for a very nice 15 minute interview on 9/11/2007. The 44 glass blocks on the flight path get discussed, and a caller makes the mistake of assuming that the 4 extra blocks will be inscribed with the names of the hijackers, the way the other 40 are inscribed with the names of the murdered passengers and crew. That is the only mis-statement in the interview. [3 of the extra blocks are inscribed with the 9/11 date. These are placed on a separate upper section of Memorial Wall, centered on the bisector of the giant crescent, in exactly the position of the star on an Islamic crescent and star flag. The 44th glass block is at the upper crescent tip, where the flight path symbolically breaks the circle, in architect Paul Murdoch's explanation, turning it into a giant crescent. It will be inscribed: "A field of honor forever."]

Also on 9/11, Honzberger had a five minute interview with Pennsylvania State Senator Jane Orie, who is  joining up with the Pittsburgh Foundation to raise funds for an appropriate Flight 93 Memorial. I learned of this effort on 9/6 and sent Orie an email, explaining some of what is in the design, which it seems she may have read. She says she gets questioned about the crescent controversy wherever she goes now, and she says that the money won't be released unless there is unanimity that the memorial will be an appropriate one.

G. Gordon Liddy interview, 1/2 hr, 11-6-2007, with Tom Burnett Sr. on briefly and Patrick White (vice president of Families of Flight 93 and a primary public defender of the crescent design) give about equal time with me. Liddy was going to have me on for an hour, but apparently got buffaloed by Patrick White playing the family victim card. Liddy seemed not to know who Tom Sr. was: that he had another family member there on the other line, presenting another family view. Maybe he was not properly briefed. In any case, I only got a brief shot at countering White's disinformation, then the show ends! We had the perfect set up. White had said a bunch of demonstrably deceptive things, and I thought I had another half hour to expose him. (That is why I was content to let him keep talking instead of breaking in. I'll take any chance I can get to get these guys on the record with their deceptions.) Then Liddy bailed. We never even got to break the national news that then presidential candidate Tom Tancredo had just asked to Park Service to scrap the crescent design entire. I blame myself for much of the failure. Liddy did not know that I was intentionally hanging back on the assumption that I would have another half hour to expose White's deception. But thanks this mix-up, the interview turned into a missed opportunity. Still worth listening to, and Tom's short statement was very nice, but  overall, not the blockbuster it should have been.

Clay Mankamyer, "too big a stretch" snippet of talk given in Greenville PA in September 18, 2007 (recorded by Bill Steiner with knowledge and permission of those present). Another Mankamyer snippet ("shrine to Micky Mouse"). Another Mankamyer snippet ("join you in that"). Full Mankamyer audio here.

Great 45 minute interview with D.C. talk radio host Joe Ardinger, 3-8-08.

I also did an hour on 3-9-08 with Cao (pronounced "Kee") of Cao's blog, who has been organizing our blogbursts. Cao is so low key compared to me. I need to remember sometimes to tone down to the level of my host, so I don't keep them from pacing the show and making it more of a conversation. Not bad. Just a little too much me. (Back-up copy here.)

Mancow Muller interviewed Tom Burnett Sr. and Alec Rawls on May 13, 2008, then took the memorial controversy up again on May 20th, dedicating himself to stopping this atrocity. Here he is saying that if efforts to stop the design from being built are not successful, he will take a sledgehammer to it (1 min, 21 sec).

At the beginning of  the May 20th show, Mancow has a nice statement about the outrageousness of the design, noting how the 40 heroes are depicted as damned to Islamic hell (1 min, 21 sec). He also calls on his listeners to help stop the design (27 seconds). On the 13th, Tom Sr. said a bit about Tom Jr. (45 sec), while I talked about the symbolic damnation of the 40 heroes (2 min, 49 sec).

An unexpected extra was the appearance of Robert Spencer, who was talking to Mancow about Islam. Asked about the crescent memorial, Robert added to the expose, explaining how the 9/11 date is to be placed on the center line of the crescent, in the exact position of the star on an Islamic crescent and star flag (43 seconds). With the difficulty just of getting the Mecca orientation across, the discussion almost never reaches these other explosive details. Thanks Robert!

A couple more snippets from Mancow on May 23rd. Congressman Tancredo saying he will help Mancow and Tom Burnett stop the memorial by speaking with his colleagues and speaking from the floor of the House (19 seconds). Tom Burnett saying he will join Mancow in jail for taking sledgehammers to the memorial if it actually gets built (25 seconds). Cao posted the full Mancow segment as a YouTube video, with illustrative graphics in the background (eight and a half minutes).

9/10/2009, Tom and Beverly Burnett radio interview with Pat Snyder at WSAU Wisconsin, joined in the second half of the hour by Alec Rawls. Good to have another recording of what the Burnett's really think of this design. Some blog comments about the interview here.



On my July 2007 trip to Somerset PA, Richard Dillon, a videographer from Pittsburgh, shot a sequence of six 8-15 minute videos. In the first three I use our poster size graphics to explain some key Islamic and terrorist-memorializing design features. In the next three, we visit the Flight 93 crash site, and at how Paul Murdoch's terrorist memorial mosque will be laid out on this beautiful piece of land. The sun is starting to set out at the crash site so the last one especially is a bit dark, but they are nice. Mildly amusing, in contrast to the purely explanatory character of the first three segments. Lastly, Richard Dillon and Western Pennsylvania Compatriot Bill Steiner made up a short introduction to our video sequence.

Introduction: Bill Steiner


Part 1 of 6: The Mecca oriented crescent, still present in the redesign


Part 2 of 6: The 9/11 date, placed as the star on an Islamic crescent and star flag


Part 3 of 6: The 44 inscribed glass blocks on the flight path


Part 4 of 6:  The crash site, as seen from inside the giant crescent


Part 5 of 6: The crash site, unnatural beauty


Part 6 of 6: The crash site, where the Tower of Voices will be built

If Google Video uses too much memory for your computer to handle, The crash site videos are also up on YouTube. (The first three exceed YouTube's 10 minute limit).


My first attempt to make a video presentation (same as Part 2 in the Google video series above, but in WMV):

The Flight 93 memorial is a terrorist memorial mosque, Part 2: the 9/11 date, placed as the star on an Islamic crescent and star flag


Somewhat related is my expose of the Beijing 2008 closing ceremony as a quite wonderful semi-hidden depiction of copulation and conception. Biggest and best practical joke ever, and a kind of polar opposite to Murdoch's very dirty trick of trying to plant a semi-hidden terrorist memorial mosque on the Flight 93 crash site.

Here are the final two minutes of the closing ceremony, when the bouncing sperm-boys fertilize the egg.

Here is the climax, which occurs much earlier, before the sperms begin their long journey.

What happens if I put Blogger's video code on this non-blogger website? Any chance it will be able to go to Blogger for the necessary info to show up and play? My attempt:



Video of Alec reading press release from Khalim Massoud (President of Muslims Against Sharia Law) when Alec and Tom Burnett Sr. were in PA for the 8-2-09 Memorial Project meeting. Video was taken at the Flight 93 crash-site.

Part 1 (interrupted by a car going by)

Part 2 (further from the road)


Audio from another stealth jihadist plot: Mattel's Cuddle and Coo jihad baby

Cuddle and Coo indoctrination snippet, Mattel's audio file (from MAMA home page)

Cuddle and Coo indoctrination snippet slowed down (from

Full Cuddle and Coo sound track (my recording)


Cell phone video of the Oscar Grant shooting, for my blog posts about that tragic incident

Grant video 1, raw footage, no audio. Shows struggle just before the shooting, and Grant's arms after, first on his back, then falling to his side.

Grant video 2, from further to the left, shows that Officer Mehserle DOES get control of Grant's arms before firing. KTVU annotation and highlight circle.

Grant video 3, the full raw KTVU video that  video 2 is excerpted from. Aspect ratio is a bit squashe (that's how KTVU released it). Beginning shows Officer Pirone's initial encounter with Grant, where Grant first marches up to a female officer and grabs her fingers when she puts her hand up. Pirone intercedes. Grant knees Pirone in the groin and Pirone slams Grant with his forearm.

Animation of frame-grabs of fatal second. Red circle shows moment when muzzle flash first appears (timing confirmed by audio, as seen in my edited video here).  Animation slows down the action to show Grant in the process of pulling his own arm up behind his own back at the moment of shooting. Can also see that Mehserle's off hand (his left hand) was still moving towards his weapon at the moment he pulled the trigger. His left hand continues towards the gun, for another instant, before jerking up and away in response to the recoil. This action of the left hand pretty much proves that Mehserle thought he was firing his Taser, as he claims.

The first frame of the above animation (from 37;05 of Grant video 2). This frame is animated to show the positions of Officer Pirone's and Officer Mehserle's hands at the time.

The fatal moment from the above animation. (The first frame where muzzle flash appears, at 37;17.)

Animation of the penultimate two seconds, where Mehserle drops Grant's right hand and gets his gun out before Pirone briefly gets Grant's right hand.

KRON 4 San Francisco's newscast about Mehserle's bail hearing, including Mehserle's warning to Pirone before the shooting that he was going to tase Grant.

Mehserle's bail motion, 1-30-2009 (PDF). Screenshot of Pirone's statement ("I'm going to tase him").


Cell phone video of Grant kneeing officer Pirone in the groin, and getting slammed with a forearm for it

Grant knees Pirone, animated GIF (frame grabs from video 3)

My narrated video of the initial Grant-Pirone incident, with repeated slow-motion looks at Grant's assaults on Pirone and on the female officer


Other miscellaneous stuff that I need to host someplace.





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