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Free downloadable draft of Crescent of Betrayal 

With limited permission to transmit until the print edition of the book comes out in 2009. The book was to come out in 2007, but so much more information started coming out after the July 2007 Memorial Project meeting that we decided to delay finalization of the manuscript. Updates on my Error Theory blog.

On July 28, 2007, the Memorial Project announced final approval for the Crescent/Bowl of Embrace design (now called simply The Flight 93 Memorial), and will now start building. Given the urgency of the public's need to know the truth about architect Paul Murdoch’s crescent design, World Ahead Media is allowing me to make a downloadable draft version of the manuscript freely available to the public until the print edition of the book is published. Permission is hereby granted to freely transmit the five downloadable PDFs that make up the draft manuscript, without alteration, until the print edition comes out. After that, Alec Rawls and World Ahead Media respectfully demand that the draft version no longer be transmitted, transferred, or reproduced.


Crescent of Betrayal: the Director's Cut, version 1.0

If you do not agree to the above stated terms, you do not have permission to download the PDFs. Clicking on the downloads indicates your acceptance of the above terms.

Download 1:  Front-matter, Table of Contents, Introduction, and Part I: Murderers' Mosque, Chapters 1-2.

Download 2:  Part I: Murderer' Mosque, Chapters 3-5.

Download 3:  Part II: Getting Away With It, Chapters 6-9.

Download 4:  Part III: Our National Divide: Partisan Dishonesty in the War on Terror, Chapters 10-13.

Download 5:  Part IV: Our World Divide: Truth Suppression in the Islamic World, Chapters 14-16 plus Afterword.


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The addenda are divided into two appendices (both still a little rough)

Download 6:  Addendums One through Nine provide supplementary analyses of the Crescent/Bowl of Embrace design.

Download 7:  Addendum Ten contains ten exhibits of documentary evidence referred to in the book (letters etc). Addendum Eleven describes a bit more about my planned four volume Moral Science series, of which Crescent of Betrayal is Volume One: Error Theory. (There is a little bit about the Moral Science series at the end of Chapter One.)


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