Two emails from myself to Memorial Project Superintendent Joanne Hanley, warning her about the threat posed to herself by architect Paul Murdoch's plot to plant a terrorist memorial mosque on the Flight 93 crash site.

At the august 2nd meeting of the Memorial Project, Superintendent Hanley cited the language in these emails, dishonestly representing these warnings about the threat she faced to be threats in themselves. The first email is from March 2006. The second is from November 2007.


My March 2006 email

From: Alec Rawls []
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 5:32 PM
Subject: Terrorist attack

Dear Jeff and Joanne:

Do you two have any clue at all what is coming? You are going to be famous nationwide as two of the stupidest most irresponsible bureaucrats in American history.

I have been trying to save your lives and your careers for six months. It is not too late for you. You can still do your jobs and investigate the basic facts I have warned you about, like the Mecca-orientation of Murdoch's original Crescent of embrace, and the continued presence of Murdoch's original crescent in the redesign.

Since you have proven completely unwilling to do any arithmetic at all, I have put together a couple of graphics that you only need to look at to understand what Murdoch is up to. Please take a minute to look just this far into these proofs of terrorist attack that hundreds of people have been  trying to warn you about for six months.

1.  The original crescent (still present in the redesign) is an Islamic crescent.

Figure 1. Crescent from the Tunisian flag, rotated to match the Crescent of Embrace site plan. (Similar to Zombie's graphic from 2 days after the Crescent of Embrace was unveiled.)

Murdoch was asked about his crescent being an Islamic crescent and simply lied about it. Here is Murdoch's statement:

    “It’s a generic term for a form that’s basically a curved line,” he said. “Sure, there is an Islamic crescent. But it has a very different form.

    “Theirs is a lunar crescent. Ours isn’t based on that.”

That is a bold-faced lie, as you can see with your own eyes. Whatever the Islamic crescent is based on, Murdoch's is based on, because his is based on theirs.


2.  It points towards Mecca:

Figure 2.  World map projection from space above the Flight 93 crash-site. Red-green line goes straight line from Mecca through the crash-site. North is straight up the page from the crash-site, both in the world-map projection and in the superimposed piece of the Crescent site-plan. (Eaotin Shrdlu's graphic from 3 days after the Crescent of Embrace design was unveiled.

The perpendicular bisector to a line across the Crescent of Embrace's most obtruding crescent tips points straight to Mecca. All anybody has to do is look.

The crescent is still there. It's upper tip is the end of the thousand-foot long, forty-foot tall Entry Portal wall, which is unchanged, in the redesign. Lower tip also unchanged. The whole crescent is unchanged. It is still oriented on Mecca.



3.  The significance of a Mecca oriented crescent


A crescent that people face into to face Mecca is called a "mihrab" and is the central feature around which every mosque is built. Yeah, I know, you asked Murdoch about it. Brilliant.



4. The crescents of trees around the Tower of Voices also point to Mecca

For anyone who can imagine that the Mecca orientation of Murdoch's central crescent could be coincidence, he repeated the same orientation in the crescents of trees surrounding the Tower of Voices:

Figure 3.  Eaotin's graphic with Tower of Voices site plan superimposed. Line across the most obtruding tips of Tower crescents points 1.75 degrees north of the exact Mecca-line (in red and green). Ditto for Figure 2. The purpendicular bisector of a line drawn across the most obtruding tips of Murdoch's Crescent of Embrace in Figure 2 also points 1.75 degrees north of the ecact Mecca-line. These orientations are NO ACCIDENT. They are IDENTICAL.

A minaret is a literal tower-of-voices, from which Islamic prayer times are called. Murdoch's 100 foot tall Tower of Voices tower constitutes a more than adequate minaret, realizing yet another main mosque feature.


5.  It points to Washington

Murdoch has a repeated theme of giving meaning to lines drawn across the most obtruding tips of his crescent structures. Here is another:


Figure 4.  Crash site is just north of Shanksville (Yanhoo's red star). Line across fat part of Murdoch's crescent points almost exactly at the White House.

Now you know why the crescent of radial arbors at the back of the Crescent of Embrace is not symmetrical with the full crescent. It has a different job to perform. The full crescent gives the direction to Mecca. The rear crescent gives the direction to the target the terrorists were trying to destroy. The large crescent is a mosque element (one of many). The rear crescent is a terrorist-memorializing element (one of many). Most grand mosques are memorial mosques. Murdoch's mosque is a terrorist-memorial mosque.

Your project is under terrorist attack. Not an imagined terrorist attack, a REAL terrorist attack. You are responsible for people's lives. You have an obligation to investigate this information, and to stop telling people you have investigated it when you have not. You are abetting a terrorist!

You have a choice. You can be heroes, or you can see your names and your careers destroyed. Open your eyes. Understand how gigantic this is going to be. You are going to be household names! What kind of names is up to you.

Sincerely,   Alec Rawls

CALL ME!!!!!    650 804-6750.   Why do I even have to tell you that? I've been trying to save your lives for SIX MONTHS. You frickin' idiots. But just because you are idiots doesn't mean you don't need help. You need MORE help. So ask for it, before it is too late. Yes, I have COMPLETE contempt for you at this point, but I will still try to save you if I can.


My November 2007 email

From: Alec Rawls []
Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2007 6:31 PM
Subject: It's not too late

Dear Joanne:

Just between you and me this time. I wish you would stop slandering me for a minute and actually LOOK at the information I am sending you. You KNOW, for instance, that what I am saying about the Mecca orientation of the giant crescent is perfectly accurate, yet you continue to claim that my “facts are twisted and people are misquoted, all to serve his intended purpose.” Name a single fact I have ever twisted, or a single person I have ever misquoted.

There is nothing necessarily immoral about your actual position: that you are not concerned about the things I am pointing out because you are assuming that they are all coincidence. What is evil is your lying about this position, claiming that the Mecca orientation is not real, and standing by a fraud like Daniel Griffith when he claims that “anything can point toward Mecca, because the earth is round.”  Oh yeah?  Ask any of the one billion Muslims in the world if “anything can point toward Mecca.”

The public needs to know the truth about the facts, so that people can decide for themselves whether these things are coincidence, and whether they are acceptable, whether or not they are coincidence. The longer you keep lying to the public about the facts, and allowing henchmen like Patrick White and Bill Hayworth and Daniel Griffith to lie about the facts, the bigger the scandal becomes.

Of course the many features that can readily be interpreted as Islamic and terrorist memorializing are NOT by coincidence. Murdoch’s JOB is to work in symbolism. He cannot possibly have done THIS by mistake:

You are not that stupid Joanne. It is that you are not LETTING yourself think straight about this. I have been trying to save you, your reputation, your career, your life, for the last two years. Instead you put your trust in the man who did THAT. Are you insane? Get a grip on yourself. Stop forcing yourself to keep marching ahead with blinders on. I don’t want you to be hurt here. There is only one bad guy in this story: Paul Murdoch. I want to help everyone else get off of this hijacked airplane.

Is it really so hard for you to comprehend how this could have happened? We hosted an open competition in time of war. You should have been on the lookout for submissions from the enemy. Your country is at WAR! But not only have you adopted a “see no evil” mindset, you are actually lying to the public to cover up evidence of an enemy plot.

You don’t have to keep going like this. If you want to figure out how you can turn this around, talk to me. I am not your enemy. I am your friend. I am the one who has been trying to save you, for two damned years, and I still am, despite your persistent public slanders against me. Figure it out. There IS a bad guy in this story, and it is NOT me.

Best wishes, and happy Thanksgiving,



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