Copy of Odinga's old Raila Odinga for President web page, giving Odinga's explanation for the Memorandum Of Understanding he signed with Muslim leaders, declaring Islam to be the only true religion and promising to impose Sharia law on Kenya if elected. As of March 2009, Odinga cancelled this old campaign website from 2007-8. I am posting this copy so that people can see that he admitted on his own website that he signed the MOU. This is well known in Kenya of course, where Muslim leaders bragged about it (which is why Odinga needed to offer an explanation), but people in the west might not know that Odinga's signing of the MOU is an established fact, admitted by Odinga himself.

Original URL:*session*id*key*=*session*id*val*. Wayback does not have a copy of this page, but they do have a copy of the now defunct raila2007 main page, which has the "MoU with Muslims" page linked on the left side (visible by hovering over link):

I also posted an English language interview Odinga did with Michael Oyier of Kenya Television Network on 11-15-2007, trying to explain away his signing of the MoU. For more on Obama's close relationship with Odinga, Jerome Corsi traveled to Kenya to talk to the principles and collect documentary evidence. His interview the Sean Hannity is here.


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When news about the MoU broke, Raila denied having signed such an MoU. This prompted an angry reaction from the parties that he entered into the agreement with. Now Raila has changed the story again saying that he signed the MoU.

When the press pressed him to release the contents refused. Now the group of Muslim leaders he had signed an MoU with have released the contents.

Download the PDF format:'s+MOU+with+Muslims?tags=Raila%27s+MOU+with+Muslims&lang=en


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Quotes from the press

“Some people have claimed that I signed an MoU with the Muslims but there is no such a deal since their leaders only came to me to register their complaints about constant harassment and discrimination against them,” Mr Odinga said.

Daily Nation, Publication Date: 11/5/2007

Speaking on behalf of the group, the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (Supkem) secretary-general, Mr Adan Wachu, said that if it was true that there was a deal, then the organisation had been kept in the dark and was not involved.

Daily Nation, Publication Date: 11/6/2007

I never denied that we have an understanding with Muslims. I never made such denials in Nakuru and what is being hyped is a creation of the Nation,” he said on the phone.

Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims, Coast branch, Sheikh Juma Ngao, said: "Muslims are not a political party and therefore it is prudent the MoU they signed with Raila be made public. This will stop speculation on what is contained in that document," he said.



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