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Some emails re my series of articles on solar-warming and ocean equilibrium

Email sent by me February 18 2011 to a dozen scientists (mostly solar scientists) who dismiss a solar explanation for late 20th century warming on the grounds that solar activity was not increasing in the late 20th century. I asked if they were implicitly assuming that ocean temperatures had equilibrated to the 20th century's high level of solar activity by, say, 1980 (before late 20th century warming commenced).

List of citations of climate scientists claiming that the sun couldn't have caused late 20th century warming because solar activity was not increasing over this period (as if it is the change in the level of solar activity, rather than the level of solar activity, that would cause warming).

Response from Mike Lockwood, Professor of Space Environment Physics at the University of Reading. My commentary here.


Copy of Roy Spencer's old "Global Warming 101" web page

"Global Warming and Nature's Thermostat"

I don't know if Roy meant to take it down or if it just got lost in the shuffle when he redesigned his website, but I always thought it was important I found a snapshot of it on Wayback and am archiving a copy here.


Copy of Tim Ball's 2008 piece in the Canada Free Press

Don't know why this disappeared from the Canada Free Press website (shortly after I linked it at WUWT) but it is an important article, so I am posting a copy here.


Copies of web pages containing EFSA's insane claim that drinking water does not reduce the risk of deyhdration, and it its dishonest "clarification," as posted on the EFBW website.

Did the "clarification" posted on the European Federation of Bottled Water web-site originate with the European Food Safety organization? It's hard to believe they would have put words in the mouth of the bureaucracy that regulates them without coordinating with that bureaucracy, and if the clarification DID originate with EFSA, it means this EU body lied to the public about its own ruling (a pretty big deal). Neither organization would answer my email inquiries so I'm looking into how to conduct a European freedom-of-information request. The relevant website are here.

My original post on this fiasco: "Europeans can now be imprisoned (2 yrs!) for claiming that water protects against dehydration"

EFSA ruling (and my copy).

EFBW's dishonest clarification of the EFSA ruling (and my copy).

European website that claims to provide assistance with EU foi requests. I'll try them first.


Kari Norgaard, U of O sociology prof  who thinks climate skepticism needs to be treated like support for slavery

Norgaard's original press release (copied from window I had opened before the press release was abridged to remove "and treated," and to remove links to Norgaard's other information). Abridged press release here. Anthony's post on the abridgement here.

Norgaard's faculty page (also copied from a page I had open before her faculty page was taken down).


Jerry Pournelle's 2005 email exchange with Gavin Schmidt, where Schmidt excuses his neglect of solar magnetic effects by saying he doesn't "need" them.

Original (at Jerry Pournelle's website)

My copy

Email to Eric Kort, 4/25/2012, asking for clarification about the timing of the methane releases that he observed over the Arctic Ocean (referenced in my post on the subject).


Alan Cutler's WAPO piece "The Little Ice Age: When global cooling gripped the world," 8/13/1997. Doesn't seem to be available anymore. Did WAPO excise it from their archives for being too non-consensical?


Obama's "All of the Above," excluding coal

Copy of Google-cache before page was changed to include "clean coal"

Copy of new page, 5/10/12, after its "All but Coal" actuality was publicized

Another Obama eco-page still has the old graphics, with the "clean coal" logo omitted. They added a "clean coal" segment to the page, but here too the Google cache shows that was just added. Copy of the cache here.


Missing "Newton's fourth law" links:

The original link to Usoskin's 2005 article (the 1150 yr isotope study) wasn't working last time I checked so I looked it up on the Wayback Machine and made my own copy. Now the original link seems to be working, but I'll keep the paper up here too just in case.

The link to Krivova and Solanki 2004, "Solar variability and global warming: a statistical comparison since 1850," also wasn't working, so I looked that up on Wayback too, and saved a copy here. The original link to this paper is also now working (6/8/12).



Reality dropped by Al Gore?

Article "quoted" by Al Gore's "Reality Drop" that does not actually contain the Quote, no longer available at the Calgary Herald, but still cached by Google:

Cooper: Finally, greenie alarmism has become passe

By Barry Cooper June 27, 2012


My copy here.

Gore's website linked to Coopers article, claiming it contained the quote:

“Climate change isn't happening at all. If you think the world is getting warmer, then I'd love to see you prove it.”

There is no such quote, and now the article seems to have been removed from the Herald's archives. Was this at the behest of Al Gore and his minions, who don't want anyone to be able to fact-check their lies?


Temp hosting of draft guest post for Jo Nova's site: my response to Steven Sherwood





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