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737 D. Edgren (the Merciless Infidel)9/09/2005 2:09:47 pm PDT
Hey, khamr

I think this thing faces Mecca too.

The Lat/Long of the Flight 93 crash site is 40.055 degrees N, 78.901 degrees W, which converts to 40 degrees 3' 18" N and 78 degrees 54' 4" W.

The orientation of the believer to Mecca is the Qibla. There are several Quibla calculators on the web. Using one of them, and inputting the above coordinates along with local time of 10:06 a.m. EDT, which was the time of impact, the Qibla direction from the impact point to Mecca is 55 degrees 11' 42" (Mecca, BTW, is 10,963 miles away).

If this monument just happens to be oriented on that axis, hell will hath no fury, etc. Nobody should rest until NPS rescinds the contract. I don't believe that there would be a senator or representative who could take the heat of public (less, of course, CAIR and the other usual suspects) outrage over something that would be revealed as undermining the very purpose of creating the memorial in the first place.

Anybody have any info on the orientation of the design?

D. Edgren